The challenge at hand was to develop an engaging online game, drawing inspiration from the popular game Angry Birds. However, instead of launching birds, players would have the exhilarating task of hurling bags of cement or other Baumit products into a mixer.


With great enthusiasm, our team embarked on the exciting journey of crafting this captivating game. We chose to leverage the power of cutting-edge technologies, namely the Javascript libraries p5.js and physics.js. This allowed us to seamlessly bring the game to life. The process began by incorporating the meticulously designed assets provided by the client, which were crafted with precision in Adobe Photoshop. These assets were then seamlessly integrated into the game, ensuring a visually stunning and immersive experience for the players. Thanks to the meticulous implementation and attention to detail, the game was successfully deployed and embraced by its audience. Players were able to engage in a thrilling and addictive experience, while also having the opportunity to win incredible discounts on Baumit's exceptional range of products. Overall, the collaboration with Baumit proved to be an exciting venture, and we take immense pride in delivering an interactive and enjoyable game that met their vision and captivated their target audience.